Heads of United Nations Agencies in Albania talk to the media

Tuesday, 27 March, 2018

How is the UN helping Albania advance its goal of European Integration? How is the UN working side by side with Government and partners to advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals? What are specific contributions of the UN Agencies working in Albania when it comes to advancing human rights, gender equality, create more jobs, provide better social, health services, dealing with asylum, seekers. How is the country coping with Climate Change and what are the UN’s programmes in this regard?  For six weeks, Heads of United Agencies in Albania are being featured in the “Passport” Programme of Scan TV. They have answered and debated over these questions posed by the TV anchor Arber Hitaj. Passport Programme of SCAN TV looks and debates on issues such as economy, European Integration, diplomacy, foreign policy, sustainable development to mention just a few.

Following are links to the interviews held so far:

Limya Eltayeb, UNDP Country Director

Rita Columbia, UNFPA Country Director, Albania

Pablo Zapata, UNHCR Representative

Arben Kipi, Assistant Representative, FAO