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» 20/03/2015 Governments Endorse New Roles for Women`s Commission

» 05/03/2015 Albanian artists join the solidarity movement for a society free of violence

» 15/02/2015 UN in Albania joins international response to help people affected by floods

One UN Programme Annual Report 2011

» Economy and environment

United Nations agencies work to improve the trade and business climate by fostering cooperation between government and business, supporting the establishment of one-stop-shops at border customs, and strengthening capacities for implementation of best practices in trade facilitation, including the provision of an automated system for customs data and the establishment of the Single Window to enhance the efficient exchange of information. 

Cooperation with national partners aims to increase competitiveness by developing the capacities of economic institutions, promote market development and support the introduction and implementation of enabling policies and measures. Capacities for data collection, processing and analysis in line with international and EU standards are enhanced. Moreover, the Programme of Cooperation 2012-2016 promotes greater supply chain integration and compliance with EU competition law, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility and the Global Compact.

In the area of environment, the United Nations support the Government of Albania in meetings its commitments related to climate change and the adoption of a strategic approach for environmental planning. In this context, Clean Development Mechanism and mitigation measures are supported, focusing on promotion of greenhouse gas-free energy resources and solar-water heating technology, and climate change adaptation measures introduced.

Assistance is provided to the Government of Albania on how to translate United Nations environmental conventions into practice, specifically those pertaining to biodiversity and protected areas, desertification, forestry and water resource management. Moreover, governmental capacities to carry out environmental assessments are strengthened to meet international standards. As part of the support provided for the development of a strategic approach to environmental planning, efforts also concentrate on the creation of economic instruments to increase funds available for addressing environmental priorities.

The Programme of Cooperation supports the expansion of the environmental education curriculum and activities in schools. Assistance is also provided for monitoring air pollution, water quality and waste water, along with the mainstreaming of the European Water Framework Directive and the implementation of the National Cleaner Production Programme. Green jobs are promoted in waste management and environmental protection.

In the area of disaster risk preparedness and prevention, central and local capacities are strengthened for the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Destruction of Obsolete and Surplus Ammunition.


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